Middletown Arts Center ~ Pantera

 All-new Beginner Level Tango classes start Wednesday, Sept 27, '17! FREE to ALL ages! 5-week series, each Wed 'til Oct 25, no experience and no partner necessary, just come on in! Middletown Arts Center!

Here's your chance!!! You've seen it, you've heard about it, now here's the chance to DO it!!! FREE Beginner-Level Tango classes for the entire month of March 2016!!! Join us at Middletown Arts Center every Wednesday night of March starting Wed, March 2 from 7:30-8:30pm in the Gallery!!! And, if you like what you learn, then move on to our higher-level classes later on, no obligation!!!

Middletown Arts Center, in Middletown, NJ, right next to the train station, has been our home for 8 years, we began here in September, 2007. We run classes, practicas, and milongas here at the MAC, and the building is just without parallel when it comes to being just the best place one can run an Argentine Tango program. We run three levels of tango classes here, Tango I, II, & III, respectively. Our highest-level classes are on Tuesday nights, and our Beginner tango classes are on Wednesdays, as are our practicas:

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