Cristian Correa y Leah Barsky joined us at April 11, 2015's Milonga Viviana, Middletown Arts Center! Their spectacular performance can be seen in the video section, check it out!

First Night!!! Tango Pantera opened Rutgers Tango Club and kicked off with a great group of Cats, Feb 9, 2015!!! Just inquire and join us, we've got classes goin' at RU with a great group!!!

The wonderful Cyrena Drusine y Alejandro Zacco joined us for April 12th's, 2014, Milonga Viviana! Just a fabulous performance, check the "Videos" tab!

February 8, 2014, great friends and Tangueros Claudio Asprea & Viktoria Kharkina joined us at Milonga Viviana for our pre-milonga lesson & performance! Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ!

Tango Pantera expanded it's group classes to the beautiful Atlantic Club in Manasquan, NJ, Jan 16, '14! Here's the very FIRST crew!

Saturday, Jan 11, '14 ~ The wonderful Yaisuri Salamanca y John Hernan Raigoza joined us at Pantera's "Milonga Viviana!", Middletown, NJ!

Sunday, Nov 17, '13 ~ Tango Pantera's "Milonga Vivisur!" held in our new winter digs in Asbury Park's Convention Hall for the FIRST time!!! Just a blast and we'll be here all winter, Folks, then the Carousel in summer! 

Saturday night, Nov 9, 2013, "Mala Junta Tango Trio" joined us and shared their Live Music at Milonga Viviana, Middletown, NJ! Emilio Teubal (piano), Pedro Giraudo (bass), & Ariel Iud (bandeneon)!!!
Emilio, Ariel, Chelle & Lee, and Pedro! Middetown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ, 11/9/13!
Sunday, October 20, 2013, we had our Asbury Park kickoff right in the Carousel on the Asbury Park boardwalk with a Beginner Lesson & Milonga Vivisur! Blast of a day!

Sept 14, 2013 ~ 6th Anniversary Milonga Viviana! At Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ! Great and old friends Walter Perez & Leo Sardella joined us to help celebrate!

Viviana Parra y Tomas Corbalan, long, LONGtime friends of Pantera, joined us for a series of workshops, May 2013, Middletown Arts Center!

One of the great tango couples in the world and long-time friends of Pantera, Junior Cervila y Natalia Royo joined us for workshops at the MAC, Saturday, Feb 16, '13, and then joined us and performed at Milonga Vivisur in Asbury Park, Sunday, March 3, for the first performance EVER at Vivisur!
 Saturday, Jan 19, '13, Tango Pantera hosted it's 2nd "Tangueras Gone Wild II" at Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ! A full day of ladies workshops 'n party, and featured were the fabulous trio of dancers/teachers/performers/friends NYC's Ana Padron, Philadelphia's Lori Coyle, and NY State's Maia Martinez who led the charge! A truly magnificent day!
Maia, Lee, Lori, 'n Ana!

And Tango Pantera expanded into TOMS RIVER, NJ, with our Ocean County Grand Opening, Thursday night, Jan 17, '13, and our very first crew just ROCKED it!!! B: Mary, Wes, Frank, Chrissy, Dave, Chellee, James, Linda, Peter, Sylvie. F: JoAnne, Monique, Janey Smith, Lee Sager.


Saturday, Jan 12, 2012, great, great and long-time friends and professionals Dardo Galletto y Karina Romero joined us at Pantera to kick off '13 at Milonga Viviana!, Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ!

Saturday, December 8, 2012,Tango Pantera's "Holiday Milonga Viviana!" is always our biggest milonga of the year! This year's guests were the great live music of trio Emilio Teubal/piano, Sergio Reyes/violin, and Adam Tully/guitar, and our performers were great and long-time friends Adam & Ciko of NYC and Marc & Krissy of Philadelphia!!! It was a BLAST of a night, and stay tuned for more pics & videos!
Tango Pantera's "Holiday Milonga Viviana!". Kristina McFadden, Adam Tully, Ciko Tanik, Emilio Teubal, Marc Hussner, Adam Hoopengardner, Sergio Reyes, and Lee Sager! Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ!
Ciko, Adam, Lee, Marc, & Krissy! Middletown Arts Center, 8Dec12

Sergio, Adam, Emilio, & Lee at Tango Pantera's Holiday Milonga Viviana! Middletown, NJ


Wednesday, Sept 26, '12, Viviana Parra joined the Pantera's and led the workshop/practica at Middletown Arts Center! Longtime friend and Maestra, Vivi is the namesake of "Milonga Viviana!".... Oh, and "Vivisur!", and "Vi-VuDu!", and "Vivieste!", and, and, and.....:)
Viviana Parra & Lee Sager at Middletown Arts Center, 26 Sept 12!

Vivi leads the Workshop!

The crew at the MAC!

Once a Pantera, always a Pantera:)
Recording artist and NBC's "The Voice" star Charlotte Sometimes attacked the Pantera floor at Milonga Vi-VuDu, Sun, Sept 16, Asbury Park! And click the link to hear and see more of the Jersey Shore's own, live on-stage!:
Charlotte Sometimes & Lee Sager at Milonga Vi-Vudu, 9/16/12!

We gotta get rid of that damned animal...

Sept 8, 2012 was or "5th Anniversary Milonga Viviana!" at Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ! Great and longtime friends, Viviana Parra, Karina Romero, Dardo Galletto, and Tomas Corbalan, all of Argentina, all joined us to help celebrate and perform, and the monstrous crowd just had a complete blast! Thanks so much to ALL for making our 5th such a special, SPECIAL night!
Dardo, Karina, Lee, Silvana, Viviana, y Tomas! 8 Sept 12, Middletown Arts Center!
Viviana y Tomas get down for the crowd!
Karina y Dardo, nothing but grace...

 GREAT kickoff and a GREAT turnout for Tango Pantera's opening night expanding to Brielle, NJ, at Kelly Grace Studio! Highly energetic crew who just got after it and took no prisoners---Just a blast!:). 6 Sept 12!

Yacht Club Milonga---Does it get any better than that??? Gracias, La Margarita!!! YCM, Shore Acres Yacht Club, 31Aug12, Brick, NJ! 

Saturday night, Aug 11, '12, HERNAN BRIZUELA y MARIANA FRESNO were our special guests at Milonga Viviana! This was a very special milonga---the warmth and the energy generated was just palpable all night long and it was just a magnificent evening----and started off with a wonderful class by Hernan y Mariana and their performance later in the evening. Thank you, EVERYBODY!:)

Sunday, August 5th, 2012, was Tango Pantera's 1st "Tangueras Gone Wild!", held at Middletown Arts Center Middletown, & Sea Bright, NJ! The Dynamic Duo of Silvana Brizuela & Ana Padron led the charge with ladies tango workshops, and all followed by our Stone Soup party & Sea Plunge in Sea Bright, NJ! Thank you ALL SO MUCH, Jersey Tangueras, for making it all such a spectacular day and kick-off, y'all ROCKED it!:). Now be ready for Round 2!:)  

 Yacht Club Milonga! Brick, NJ, 7/29/12!
Warming up before Pre-milonga lesson! Lee & Silvana! Shore Acres Yacht Club!
Lovely ladies of Yacht Club Milonga! Brick, NJ!

                                                        Milonga Vi-VuDu, Asbury Park, NJ!
Milonga Vi-VuDu Vixens, Bear, Margarita, Yamila, Silvana, y Gillian! VuDu Lounge, Asbury Park, NJ, 7/22/12!

July 14/15, 2012, old and great friends of Pantera, Junior Cervila y Natalia Royo, one of the world's premier tango couples, made their 4th annual pilgrimage to Pantera and gave us a spectacular performance (under videos tab!) at "Milonga Viviana!". Workshops followed on Sunday, all at Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ, and was followed by Pantera's traditional Stone Soup party out on the river, Sea Bright, NJ, and our mandatory sea plunge! Click all images to enlarge, enjoy, and thanx, All!!!:)
[all photos by Mark, Jon, Tommy, 'n Luis! Thanx, Guys!]
Silvana celebrates her touchdown, Junior y Naty look for loose change, and Lee calls security:) Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ---Tango Pantera's "Milonga Viviana!". 14July12!
Alright, get in character, Guys, the official photo:) Junior y Natalia, Silvana, y Lee, at Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ! 14July12

The floor at Tango Pantera's "Milonga Viviana!"

Your Hotness y Tommy!

Joel y Lucia!
Oleg y Anna!

Janusz y Jen!

Luis y Julia!

Ernesto y Sashka!

Viviana DJ Rich Ariza!

Cristina y Andrew!

Anna y Oleg!

Dorota y Elven!

Margaret y Paul!

Gillian y Lee!NN

Natalya y Bob!

Toni y Rich!

Katya y Andrew!

Lucia y DC Tom!

Diana y Lee!

JUNIOR y NATALIA take the stage!

And just a SPECTACULAR performance by Junior y Naty! Check the "Videos" tab!:)

And, afterwards, our special guests & friends had some very, very kind words for the Panteras! Pantera's "Milonga Viviana!", Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ - 14 July 12

And workshops, "Alterations" I & II, followed on Sunday!

And Naty led the crew in alteration drills!

And then Pantera's traditional "Stone Soup" party! Lee, Junior, Natalia, y Luis! 15July12, Sea Bright, NJ!

Tres Chicas en Sea Bright!

Joel y Gary!

The crew!

Diamond Jim lays on the smoothness w Diane:)

Chevalier, Katya, y Yosh! Sea Bright, NJ, 15July12

And, of course, the MANDATORY Pantera Sea Plunge!

Sea Bright, NJ, at Pantera's "Stone Soup", 8pm, 15July12! Gary, Joel, Lee, Silvana, Margaret, y June!

 Muchas, MUCHAS gracias for a great and blast of a weekend, Panteras y Panterettes! Y, Muchisimas Gracias to you,  Junior y Natalia!:)---It's always great having you at Pantera, and we all look forward to proxima vez!:)

1st-ever Shore Acres Yacht Club "Milonga en la Bahia!"!!! Friday, June 22, '12, Brick, NJ! Neither snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night would deter, as massive thunder, lightning, and rainstorms forced us indoors----BUT, not a beat to be missed!!! The Panteras y Panterettes, as is their usual wont, adapted, improvised, and overcame---as they just moved it indoors and rocked the house!!!
A threatening day, all day----Pshaw!

Organizers Lisa & Phil, w Lee & Silvana!

Surveying the scene for SAYC's 1st "Milonga en la Bahia!"

Hmmmm...Mama told us there'd be days like this:)

The outdoor deck where the potental was laid for various sins...

So indoors we went and hit it with the "Intro to Tango" lesson!
And Silvana led the ladies!

Conrado y Marina!

Margaret and Phil

Oleg and Anna!

Don't worry, Vivi, we got your Bro's back!:) Facundo, Lee, Silvana y Conrado!

And Y'all haven't even SEEN the upstairs deck and view yet!:) It awaits!

Great turnout for Viviana Parra's, Pantera's patron saint, workshops, Cats! Thanks so much!:). Wednesday, June 20, Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ!

Lee, Silvana, Ciko Tanik & Adam Hoopengardner! 9June12!

Joel & Marina!

Michelle & DJ Rich Ariza!

"You talkin' to ME???"

Bruce, Silvana, & Chevalier!

Adam & Ciko!

Yosh y Luba!

Sasha & Joel!

Andrew & Freddie!

Viviana Parra!!!

Elven & Conrado, straight from Buenos Aires!

Lee, Viviana, Adam & Ciko!

Host's Lee & Silvana!

Post-Milonga, 6:30am, Sunday morn'---Egads:)

Viviana & Silvana, Sunday morn', post-Milonga! Sea Bright, NJ!

The view from Post-Milonga HQ, Sunday morn'!
Memorial Day "Milonga Vi-VuDu" & Stone Soup party! Asbury Park & Sea Bright, May 27, '12!

                   Silvana y Lee, Milonga Vi-VuDu!

                        Some o' the Gang!             
       Silvana did the Pre-milonga lesson! 

                                        And Lori Coyle & Elly
                                       Liz paid a surprise visit
                                        from Lori's "Sangha
                                         Space", Media, PA! 
                                  Love those Philly fillies!!!:)

              Margaret & Stacy!

                                                                                                              Peggy 'n Doug!

                                         Jon 'n Leo chillin'

      Lee & Philly's Elly! 


    And how cool is this shot by Doug???

 And then Stone Soup in Sea Bright! 27 May 12!

 There's one in every crowd:)):)):))

 Ya should'a seen the other guy:))


All photos by Tommy, Margaret, Doug,  & Michelle!!! Thanks, All!:)


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