Next up!!! Join us at Milonga Viviana, Friday, Feb 15, 2019, at the beautiful Middletown Arts Center!!!

Coming up at Tango Pantera ~ Milonga Viviana's 2019!!!

Next up!!! Here we go, Cats!!! Our all-NEW dates of the 3rd Fridays of each month kicks off THIS month for 2019!!! And who better than to have great, great, GREAT friend Sarah La Rocca to help kick it all off!!! Friday, Jan 18, '19, all at Middletown Arts Center!!! Don't miss!!!

Milonga Viviana! New date, new times, and featuring a SUPER special guest to kick it all off, someone we've been wanting here a long, loooooong time!!!:). Join us!!!

                                                                      Recent Events!:



10th Anniversary Milonga Viviana! Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, Middletown Arts Center! Live music with the Pedro Giraudo trio and great friends Helen Wang y Jose Luis join us to perform!!! All kicks off at 8pm!





Tango Pantera visits South Carolina!!! Workshops, Sunday, June 5, 2016!



The Stars come out at the Jersey Shore! Next up, one of the world's GREAT tango couples, Junior Cervila y Natalia Royo at Milonga Vivisur, Asbury Park, Sunday, March 3!

Saturday Nite, January 12, 2013!!!---Join us at MILONGA VIVIANA!, in the beautiful Middletown Arts Center and welcome our great & long-time friends, Dardo Galletto y Karina Romero! Night starts at 8pm with our Pre-Milonga lesson by Dardo y Karina!

And, on January 19, 2013---TANGUERAS GONE WILD 2!!!

And, Recent Events:

Let's DANCE, Amigos y Amigas--Saturday night, Nov 10, 2012, Milonga Viviana---Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, NJ!



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